Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Return

Hello all! After more than 2 months of absence, I have finally returned to the blog. The average person would wonder where I went during this time. Well, I should probably give a little bit of backstory.

Right after the September Mini-Update, I started to notice that something was a little odd with the blog. It appeared that only some comments were able to be posted, while other could not. I tested this theory by having several friends post test comments on the various posts here. Only some of them made it through. I immediately tried everything in my power to fix this problem. Changing the comments settings (They were set to allow all comments by default), looking up the problem to see any solutions. No dice. Eventually I just decided to stop trying, leading me to sort of forget about the blog. Days, weeks went by, and I kept saying to myself "I'm gonna try again." 

Finally, about 20 minutes prior to me writing this, I decided that I need to give this blog one more go. At this point, I don't even care if the comments keep messing up. That's not something that's gonna hold me back from doing this anymore. If people read my reviews and say to themselves "These are great", then that's all that matters to me. I love playing, talking, writing about, and reviewing games, and I'm gonna keep doing it.

Now, due to the fact that about 2 months worth of games have been released and highly covered since my absence, I feel that I probably shouldn't cover most of them on here, as there are still many more to be released in the following weeks.

My next review will be of a game that is pretty much the physical embodiment of the word indie, titled 140.
Look for the review this Sunday Nov. 10
[Pictured above: 140] So a circle and a triangle walk into a bar graph...

Seth Boester is currently a sophomore in high school. You can follow him on Twitter @cheesewombat to listen to ramble on about the Green Bay Packers and their *gasp* DECENT RUSHING OFFENSE?!

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